Hawaiian hula dance

ArtDance Hawaii dance Havajsky tanec hula kahiko floor uli uliHawaii - Islands of beauty and love - Hawaiian hula dance

We performe you dances in traditional costumes and on original Hawaiian music. Each of these dances is very specific to beat, and clothing. 

Hawaiian dance, hula, in our repertoire is available in two different blocks - styles - kahiko and auana.

Hawaiian hula kahiko

is an ancient art of dance hula, which is mainly characteristic by the music, especially when the audience hears the music of Ipu or Ipu Heke (drums), accompanied by singing in the Hawaiian language. These songs are mostly inspired by mythology of the Islands. They tell stories about gods and heroes, the birth of the world and the cyrcle in it. 

Hawaiian auana style

can be described as modern dance, based on the musical themes of the 20th century. The dances are very graceful and thanks to them became Hawaian dance so famous. The famous "hula hands "does represent the beauty and grace of movement in Hula. 

The show perform 1 to 3 dancer. The length of one dance block is 4 to 15 minutes.