Indonesian dances from Bali


Bali - Island of princesses and demons

Indonesian dances from Bali and Java will introduce you very beautiful and exotic culture. Unusual music, rich and exquisite costumes, dance and props.

Visit with our dancers the largest archipelago in the World. Unique temples, interesting ethnicity, beautiful landscapes, coral islands and white beaches with our ArtDance dancers.

Exotic sacred dance of Bali or folk dances danced by beautiful dancers.

Dance performance of Indonesian Balinese dance for 1 or 2 dancer.
The length of one show is 5 - 15 minutes. We can offer 1 to 3 different shows.

The Dances are beautiful variegation of different parties and corporate parties. Indonesian choreography is graceful, impressive, smooth and very sophisticated and place great emphasis on the dancers mimic.

This program is recommended as a condiment exotic events or official events.
Repertoire - Condong, Bayan-nginte, Oleg Tari, Tari Puspanjali, Cendrawasi, Wiranata

VIDEO - ArtDance - Tari Oleg, balinese dance, Indonesia
VIDEO - Wiranata, Indonesian party Aquatravel 2013
VIDEO - Condong, Indonesian party Aquatravel 2013
VIDEO - Cendrawasih, Indonesian culinary evening, 2012
VIDEO - Condong, Pražská plynárenská, Prague 2012